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गोड्डा ने फुटबॉल खिताब पर जमाया कब्जा

गोड्डा की जिला फुटबॉल टीम ने रांची में आयोजित मुख्यमंत्री आमंत्रित फुटबॉल कप पर कब्जा जमाया है। खिताब जीतने के बाद मुख्यमंत्री रघुवर दास ने टीम को मेडल देकर सम्मानित किया। जिले को मिली इस उपलब्धि पर पूरे जिले वासियों ने हर्ष व्यक्त किया है।
मैं हुँ गोड्डा की ओर से गोड्डा ज़िला की टीम को हार्दिक बधाई!

About मैं हूँ गोड्डा

MAIHUGODDA The channel is an emerging news channel in the Godda district with its large viewership with factual news on social media. This channel is run by a team staffed by several reporters. The founder of this channel There is Raghav Mishra who has established this channel in his district. The aim of the channel is to become the voice of the people of Godda district, which has been raised from bottom to top. maihugodda.com is a next generation multi-style content, multimedia and multi-platform digital media venture. Its twin objectives are to reimagine journalism and disrupt news stereotypes. It currently mass follwer in Santhal Pargana Jharkhand aria and Godda Dist. Its about Knowledge, not Information; Process, not Product. Its new-age journalism.

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